The Filmmakers

Jack Lucarelli co-wrote, co-directed, co-produced and stars in CARTEL WAR. He produced and starred in the feature, "American Justice" with Wilford Brimley and Gerald McRaney and directed the film "A Gift From Heaven" with Mark Ruffalo and Gigi Rice, for which he received the Best Director Award at the Rome/Florence Film Festival. He has appeared in TV and film for over 30 years. His credits include, "Collateral Damage" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and "Hostage" starring Bruce Willis. He co-owned one of the most respected acting schools in Hollywood, The James Best Theatre Centre. Former students include Jerry Seinfeld and Quentin Tarantino. He has also been guest lecturer on Independent Film Making at UCLA Film School. Jack has also produced, organized and participated in numerous celebrity charity events in Hollywood including events benefiting youth organizations, the homeless, and A.I.D.S. He worked hand-in-hand on these benefits with celebrities including Joe Pesci, James Garner, Dennis Weaver, Michael Jordan, Valerie Harper and Charlton Heston. He was also President of the World Champion professional ABA basketball team, the Long Beach Jam, from 2004 – 2005.
In Jack's words, "CARTEL WAR is a story about a man with nothing to lose who decides to take on an empire, rooted in evil, that has everything to lose. Raw emotions, passion and an undying commitment to getting the job done and not playing by the rules was the inspiration that drew me to co-write the script for this movie.   I looked forward to taking on the challenge to, once again and against all odds; make an independent, low-budget film that I hoped would capture the imagination of moviegoers.It was also a personal desire to play a character that mirrored the story and, in the end, mirrored the way this film was made. With the help and support of friendships I have forged throughout my lifetime, I was able to obtain the limited financing that allowed Troy Price and me to surround ourselves with a cast of mostly unknown, but extremely talented actors. This movie could not have been made without the help of many multi-talented people in so many different technical and creative capacities. I'd like to thank everyone who dug in and gave their all and more to the making of this film. I will be forever grateful to the investors who made this project possible."

As a writer, director and producer, Troy has been creating a broad spectrum of features andshorts in Los Angeles. From scintillating thrillers to quirky romances, Troy's focus on storytelling and the life experiences of his characters give him the opportunity to truly appeal to an audience. His commitment to excellence in image, sound and cinematic quality give him an edge in independent filmmaking. CARTEL WAR, which he co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed with Jack Lucarelli, delves into the complicated interweaving oflife, work and crime, as an elite group of undercovernarcotics agents battle the dominant influence of a powerful drug cartel in Los Angeles.

In Troy's words, "Independent filmmaking, at its best, reflects a purpose, a drive. It's the tenacity of askeleton crew fortified by words of passion, a run through an alley boasting a homemade Steadicam, a collaboration of spirit, vision, and relentless pursuit. With CARTEL WAR, I had the fortune to be part of a crew and cast that worked against the odds to produce a piece of cinematic vision that encompasses the spirit of adventure, perseverance, and independence. A true independent film is a representation not just of the moments captured and sent up on the screen - it is comprised of the toil of a moment unseen. Moments varied from assembling a car interior night shot, with a roll of gaffer's tape and a $5.00 florescent wand... to getting home at 4 a.m. from a shoot that started at 6 a.m. the previous day... to working at the editing bay, cradling my newborn son as I managed the mechanics of After Effects... they are the culmination of a dream brought to life, a challenge finally achieved. I am most proud of the tenacity of all the bright, brilliant souls who contributed to this picture being made."